Mr Henry Ngabirano, a former managing director of Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) and head of the International Coffee Council (2010/2011). He has been at the helm of UCDA for nearly 10 years.

Before joining Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA), he worked as a quality manager for 10 years at the defunct Coffee Marketing Board. For years, Mr. Ngabirano has been Uganda’s main stay in the coffee industry and could be one of the country’s best coffee experts.

He oversaw the coffee policy reforms that liberalised the industry before superintending over the full privatisation and centralisation of the coffee industry in the early 90s. But beyond Uganda, he has travelled across the globe and served as a delegate on most inter-governmental coffee organisations in Africa, US, Europe and Asia.

He is the current Chairman of Café Pap. He is also a member of other distinguished Boards

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