This provides indemnity against loss of or damage to the property caused by accident, theft, collision, overturning, fire


This insurance policy is essential for the seller/ financier/ buyer of the goods as well as any person having a reasonable expectation of interest in the items.


This insurance policy can be used to insure any types of goods as long as they are undergoing inland transit

  • While being carried in railway wagon/ vehicle.
  • While being removed from the warehouse before commencement of transit.
  • While being stored incidental to transit.


This class of insurance is to provide indemnity against loss of or damage to the property insured (owned or for which the insured is legally responsible) caused by accident, theft, collision, overturning or fire to conveying vehicle(s).


There are two types of cover available namely:

  • All risks – This type provides a very wide cover as it includes all the risks mentioned above. Cover commences immediately the goods are being loaded on to the transit vehicle and lasts until the goods are unloaded at the final destination. The conveyance can be either by road or by rail, and the geographical limit is anywhere in Uganda.
  • Restricted cover – Cover here is restricted in the sense that the risk of theft is only covered following an accident, collision or over-turning of the conveying vehicle anywhere in Uganda.