NIC Partnership With Hospice Africa (Uganda)

The National Insurance Corporation Limited (NIC) has partnered with Hospice Africa Uganda.

The partnership involves NIC staff volunteering at the Hospice offices and running donation drives within the organisation and among the NIC community on social media.

Managing Director of NIC, Mr. Bayo Folayan said: “This is in line with NIC’s community development program through capacity building and fundraising to ensure sustainability of the partnership.”

He thanked Hospice Africa Uganda for partnering with NIC in a cause that is close to the community and noted that this is not a one off but a long term partnership. “Our vision in supporting the Hospice Africa Uganda is to create an enabling enviroment for those in palliative care to be comfortable and support organisations who provide this valuable service.” Mr Folayan said.

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Namukisa Hamida Kharim
Namukisa Hamida Kharim
Entrepreneur, Business Owner