• The policy can be taken by employers to cover infidelity of employees who hold positions of trust like handling cash and stock.


  • The policy pays for the financial loss arising out of dishonesty/fraudulent act of the employee.
  • The maximum loss payable is limited to the specified limit for that employee.

Employer has the option to choose any of the following four alternatives:

  • Individual Policy:
    Only one individual is guaranteed under this policy.
  • (B) Collective Policy:
    Under this option, entire staff or number of selected people are covered. The policy is issued showing the names of the employees covered along with their limits.
  • (C) Floating policy or Floater:
    This is an extension of collective policy where sum insured is specified for the whole group rather than for each individual. The names of the group members along with their designation is attached as schedule to the policy. Each claim reduces the sum insured and has to be reinstated by paying extra premium.
  • (D) Position Policy:
    The policy schedule contains ” Positions” rather than the names of individuals, with the sum insured specified for each position. The liability is limited to the amount of sum insured specified against position irrespective of number of people working in that position.