• Designed to protect banks and industrial / business establishments against loss of money.


  • The policy offers cover against loss of cash/cheques/postal orders/postal stamps:-
  • While in direct transit from the bank to the insured’s premises or to the places of disbursement
  • While in transit from insured’s premises to the bank.
  • In the personal custody of the insured or the authorized employees whilst within a period not more than 48 hours from the time of collection.
  • Whilst secured in locked safe/strong room in the insured’s premises as a result of burglary, housebreaking, robbery and hold up.
  • Loss of money in transit caused by robbery, theft, or any fortuitous events
  • Loss of money from the insured’s safe or strong room caused by theft or robbery.
  • Loss of money from the insured’s premises during business hours caused by theft or robbery.